Long distance!!😒

An open letter to a friend who is living cities apart,

Dear long distance friend,

1. Simple. I miss you. I miss having you a mile away for a movie date. I miss having you a call away for an evening walk. Every time I have happy moments without you, I miss you a little more.

2. This cute guy across the street has been stalking me since a week and I want to tell you everything about it. But both you and I are busy building our carreir.Aren’t we?

3. Not all long distance equations work over Skype or FaceTime and I completely understand that. I’m okay with us not talking every other day. I’m okay with the “Hey, how is it going?” texts every now and then.
Just know that I always was and always will be just a call away.

4. Once in a while, it hits me that I haven’t seen you in years and we don’t know how long it is going to be until I see you again. And every time that happens, my heart shrinks a little on the inside.

5.Life’s is good in this distances also.But extraordinary things can happen and  I always wish we could celebrate our little successes together.
You still are one of the first few people I’ll share the news with if anything substantial happens.

6. I really hope wish that you enjoy every moment even without me but I wish if we could  have made these little moments more beautiful together.
Quick note: Sometimes I cry,just because  I cannot see you, cannot live these moments with you,but never let you know because I know it will bothers you.

7. Get me loads of chocolates while coming. I love you. I can’t wait to see your face.

8. Until next time, careful, dearest.

Yours truly,
A friend who is living on the other end.


The word itself hits hard………Yes, it is and of course you can not deny the fact.Although some words has different literal meanings but our mindset,our imagination or could be our thought process have an different assumption and perception for that particular word.
We have heard many a times that ” changes are the part of nature” so why we get shocked and give weird and strange reaction when we get to know from someone about anyone that “Man, he/she has changed”
Its very simple as I have mentioned in above lines also that our perception, our mindeset or could be our thought process have created a scenario or a different meaning of change, that is something negative.
I must say that after reading this point ,you must be questioning yourself damn I did it….yes I am also in the list who has the own perception …..

But,never forget that:

Changes are for good also!!!
Their life is changing now..
All those tears getting changed into endless smiles..
All those loneliness into non stop chats..
All those serious fights into cute teasing..
All those fake promises into never ending trust..
Yes,you got it right he is completely changed..
Reason could be anything, might be his past experiences,might be seriousness towards his carrier,might be he needs peace in his life now or might be he don’t want to loose her again.
But who cares,watever the reason is,she is succeed now,of course,she was not in competition with anyone to win him because her love for him was never ever materialistic but yes at the very initial stage of this relationship she has promised herself that her good deeds and her trust in him will surely change him one day.
It is simply like a slap on every individual’s face who have said once to her that “he will never change, and his own hapiness is what all important to him”
At that point of time she did not give up and result is all here..
Of course, she do not know the reason and even not interested in knowing because all she want to see him happy and successful whether with her or with someone else.
She trust him and she is well aware about all his desire and dreams.She just want that all his secretly cherised dreams come true,because then only he will find peace and hapiness and her hapiness lies in his success.
She will fight for him,she will rescue him,she will always be by his side to help him crossing all the hurdles.
“Sometimes it’s the princess who kill the dragon and save the prince”


Expressing love….πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜˜

I’m your baby….πŸ’πŸ’

You are my honey….😘😘

I’m your quiet place….πŸ’πŸ’
You are my wild……😘😘

I’m your calm face….πŸ’πŸ’

You are my giggle….😘😘

I’m your wait….πŸ’πŸ’

You are my wiggle…😘😘

I’m your dinner…..πŸ’πŸ’

You are my choclate cake….😘😘

I’m your bedtime….πŸ’πŸ’

You are my wideawake….😘😘

I’m your lullaby….πŸ’πŸ’

You are my peek-a-boo….😘😘

I’m your good night kiss…πŸ’πŸ’

You are my I love you…😘😘

Why him???

Dear him,

I know life is complicated and things did not go in our favor. I know that it was nobody’s mistake. I am well aware of your busy schedules and the hectic routines. I have no hard feelings. I was okay before you and I will try to be okay without you. I am a simple girl and I really don’t like complicating things. So, now on, it will be better to avoid the awkward friendly meetings. It will be better to delete the contact and not check your last seen on whatsapp. It will be better to forget you and all that I felt for you. Yes, it will be better. Maybe it was a mistake, a terrible mistake. Let us just tear off the pages of this chapter from our books. Let us be strangers. I am strong enough to deal with the pain but I do not have the strength to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart again and fix myself. It will be better to forget that you ever broke me and that I needed fixing. I do not hate you. How can I? Afterall, I loved you with everything I had. It is just too painful to be around you for now. I wish you a bright future; a future where I no longer exist.

A girl who could have made your life beautiful.

Love is not a fairytale….😒😒

She is again scared of night where she found herself alone..where she put her face in the pillow and cried hard.
She is again at the same point where insomnia haunted her,why she always being the victim,just because she love him endlessly.
Does loving someone with complete heart and feelings is this much expensive that one should have to feel the pain at every next moment of their life.
Her love for him is strong but now the same love is making her weak and fragile.
It is weird but she can feel that pain in her chest and stomach,she can fill as if someone is inserting a pin in the cushion, everytime she breathe.
Completely suffocated in her thoughts,volcano of thoughts was errupting from her mind..
She was looking for those paths from where she can head to the fairyland, she was confused and in dilemma that how loving someone can be the heavenly feeling.

And if it is so then why everytime she needs to prove her love before him.
Why everytime she needs to remind him that she needs him.
Why everytime she has to push him to express his love for her.
Is she that useless..??
Is she not like the princess,yes like those princess about whom she used to read in the tales where prince show the ultimate love and care for his princess as she is the most precious thing he has got.
How could she be so…??
She is giving her all to him and trying her best to make him smile…
What else she needs to do…
Somewhat this is not enough for him,and if this is not enough then surely it is the correct time to move on and to take decision…
Whether she wants to be happy or she wants to sacrifice her whole life for that person who do not even respect her emotions and his stubborness is more important.
Because loosing her dignity and self respect for that person is of no use.
Afterall,she is nowhere in his priority list ,and ,time and communication is all what matters..
Understanding someone is all what matters..
Staying happy with someone is all what matters..
Although relationship is not always about laughs and giggles but it is not always about fights and struggles..
Decision is her now, she needs to be practical..
Tears rolling down her cheeks,she was continuously fighting with herself..
Lets see who win..

A dream_never dreamt of!!!

Scrolling down the news feed and looking on the pictures on social media she was waiting for that one message from her beloved.She always pretend that these days are nothing to her and lovers like them don’t need the reason to love, days to celebrate and season to express their feelings.
But seeing all those pictures and posts in her news feed hurt her a little and forced her to think,not only once but everytime she scrolls.
Those lovely couples wishing each other,sharing their stories, telling the world that how much important their partners are to them and here he didn’t even tell her that how much she is important to him.
If love needs to be feel,then it is also needs to be expressed.
She is mature enough and of course not comparing him to anyone, but it is human psychology, they need attention from their special one,from their beloved.
And it is not like expecting something “out of the blue”, it is just to make them feel that they are special, they are the one who mean everything to them.
She was scared that the charm of their love is fading now, they are no more like the one they used to be once.
She was scared that she will loose him in the hustle-bustle of this life.
All the negative thoughts were floating in her mind,and soon she landed in the state of numbness.
She felt the heaviness in her throat and her eyes was almost red,stuck to one place because mentally she was somewhere else.
And in this short time she has picturized the complete cinema of her worst future,because he was nowhere in that future what she has saw a minute before.
Covered in sweat, forcing herself to recall all the good things he did for her, convincing herself again, that this is just a day and he might be busy in his work.
She was about to cry and soon the alarm clock rang,and,after a minute or two she thanked God, and took a sigh of relief saying “baby-gal, this was just a dream u never dreamt of”



PS: Love needs to be expressed…..😍😍😍


It is really hard to stay away from you, but all those memories we made together will never make me feel alone..

Many highs we achieved, many lows we faced but I adore every moment we embraced..

My life with you is more than perfect because I found you awesome in all the aspect..

If distance is made for increasing desire, then come close baby and put my heart on fire..

One day there will be no one between us, there would be million of kisses and hugs..


Sharing emotions with you makes me happy and relief me from sorrow, we together can make a loving tomorrow..

I will always be there no matter what you do, I promise I will never let you go..

Together we are crazy and cross all the madness, cheers to our love and togetherness..

Even my eyes will go dull but vision would be perfect as it is you, because you love me and I love you too….